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    SAP EHS Product Stewardship Modules

    Product Compliance through effective Hazard communications such as GHS for Labels and Material Safety Data Sheets through SAP EHS- Product Safety module

    Hazardous Substance Inventory and classification using SAP EHS- Hazardous Substance Management module

    Managing various Transportation regulations throughout ...

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    SAP EHS Industrial Hygiene Modules

    Managing employee’s health records and maintains the
    company specific health surveillance protocols using SAP EHS-Occupational Health module

    Managing Incidents/accidents, Incident investigation,
    Risk Management using SAP EHS- Industrial Hygiene &
    Safety module...

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    SAP EHS Management

    Incident & Accident Management through SAP EHSM 4.0-Incident Management component

    Product Compliance through SAP EHSM 4.0- Product Stewardship Network component

    Risk Management through SAP EHSM 4.0-Operations Risk Management component

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    SAP Product & REACH Compliance

    SAP Product & REACH Compliance modules for implementing REACH regulation for the products within European Union and comply with the complex regulations

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    SAP Sustainability Solutions

    SAP SuPM (Sustainability Performance Management) takes care of all your Sustainability indicators with colorful reports within your enterprise. Carbon foot print and carbon credits data can be captured using SAP CARBON IMPACT module.

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    SAP Environmental Compliance modules

    Regulatory Permits management, Emissions monitoring both point source and non-point source can be managed effectively using SAP EHS- Environmental Compliance 2.0 add-on component

    Closed loop waste management solutions for all industrial wastes using SAP EHS-Waste Management module

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    SAP EHS Regulatory Content (SERC)

    Implementation of SAP EHS Regulatory Content (SERC)
    10.2 is now available with GHS compatible MSDS
    report templates, symbols and phrases for Global
    regulatory reporting purpose.